PENS (FENS/IBRO) Training Center

Imaging Brain Function: From Behaviour to Diseases

September 9 - 29, 2007 / Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland


Imaging techniques form an increasingly important approach for gathering information regarding both the structure and function of the nervous system.

In this course, we will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of imaging, focusing on the study of behaviour and neurological diseases. The school includes a first week of lectures, presentations and informal discussions followed by two weeks of experiments during which students will perform small research projects in a laboratory of their choice. The following technologies will be discussed and practiced: electron microscopy, evanescent wave microscopy, time-lapse imaging, confocal imaging, two photon imaging in brain slices and in vivo, digital holographic microscopy, intrinsic optical imaging, EEG and fMRI in mouse and human.

The course is offered to graduate students and young postdocs in all fields of Neuroscience. It will be held in the Geneva and Lausanne region, surrounded by the Alps and Lake Geneva wonderful scenery. A total of 26 students will be accepted.

Invited lecturers: R. Frackowiak, W. Gan, N. Hadjikhani, F. Helmchen, A. Lüthi, D. Le Bihan, C. Lüscher, A. Lüthi, C. Michel, M. Nicolelis, R. Salmelin and W. Schultz.

Projects' tutors: P. Aebischer, P. Bezzi, O. Blanke, J.-Y. Chatton, C. Depeursinge, R. Gruetter, N. Hadjikhani, V. Ibañez, J. Kiss, C. Lebrand, C. Lüscher, G. Knott, F. Magara, P. Magistretti, P. Marquet, C. Michel, D. Muller, M. Murray, C. Petersen, C. Sandi, F. Schenk, R. Schneggenburger, A. Schnider, S. Schwartz, D. Van de Ville, A. Volterra and P. Vuilleumier.

Organizers: Pierre Magistretti, Dominique Muller, Carl Petersen and Egbert Welker.

Costs per participant / Stipends Tuition fee is 500 €, covering costs for refreshments, lunches, accommodation and insurance. A limited number of tuition fee waivers and travel stipends are available for students who need financial help for attending the course.

Please submit your application electronically via the PENS Website.

Contact: Sonia Bolea, Coordinator, Lemanic Neuroscience Program.

Application deadline: May 8, 2007.

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