PENS (FENS/IBRO) Training Center

Imaging Brain Function: From Synapses to Networks

September 7 - 27, 2008 / Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland


The course is offered to advanced PhD students and postdocs in neuroscience-related fields and who already have a scientific record. A total of 26 students will be accepted.

The program will focus on how computations and information processing take place within spatially distributed neuronal assemblies in the mammalian brain.

The first four days will consist of a series of lectures by prominent scientists, informal discussions and poster presentations organized by the students. The first days will introduce the fundamental aspects of synaptic integration in dendrites and neuronal networks, focusing later on the week on imaging the brain in action during behaviour. On Friday and Saturday the PENS Students will join the Annual Lemanic Neuroscience Meeting, where they will present their work and interact with more than 150 local PhD students, postdocs and PIs.

During the second and third weeks students will be involved in one or two short experimental projects of their choice. There are 31 associated PENS labs, where the following techniques will be discussed and practiced: electron microscopy, evanescent wave microscopy, time-lapse imaging, confocal imaging, two photon imaging in brain slices and in vivo, whole-cell patch clamp, digital holographic microscopy, intrinsic optical imaging, EEG and fMRI in mouse and human.

Invited lecturers: Yang Dan, Michael Hausser, Sean Hill, Anthony Holtmaat, Graham Knott, Mathew Larkum, Micah Murray, Miguel Nicolelis, Carl Petersen, Sophie Schwartz, Klaas Stephan and Mriganka Sur.

Projects' tutors: P. Aebischer, P. Bezzi, O. Blanke, J.-Y. Chatton, W. Gerstner, R. Gruetter, N. Hadjikhani, S. Hill, A. Holtmaat, V. Ibañez, J. Kiss, G. Knott, C. Lebrand, C. Lüscher, A. Lüthi, F. Magara, P. Magistretti, P. Marquet, C. Michel, D. Muller, M. Murray, C. Petersen, C. Sandi, F. Schenk, R. Schneggenburger, S. Schwartz, M. Tafti, D. Van de Ville, A. Volterra, P. Vuilleumier and E. Welker.

Organizers: Pierre Magistretti, Dominique Muller, Carl Petersen and Egbert Welker.

Costs per participant / Stipends Tuition fee is 500 €, covering costs for refreshments, lunches, accommodation and insurance. A limited number of tuition fee waivers and travel stipends are available for students who need financial help for attending the course.

Please submit your application electronically via the PENS Website.

Contact: Sonia Bolea, Coordinator, Lemanic Neuroscience Program.

Application deadline: April 22nd, 2008.

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