PENS Training Center

Imaging Brain Function: From Molecules to Mind

September 3 - 23, 2006 / Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland


For the first week the program includes lectures, poster sessions and informal discussions.

All of which will take place at the Hotel du Signal de Chexbres.

During the second and third week, students will perform two small research projects in laboratories of their choice.

Week 1

Sunday September 3rd 2006

17:30Welcoming drinks

Monday September 4th - Imaging Molecules

09:15-09:30Welcome (Pierre Magistretti)
Discussion Leader - Pierre Magistretti (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
09:30-11:30Antoine Triller (INSERM, Paris, France)
Real time molecular imaging of receptors reveals the statistical organization of synapses.
14:00-15:00Horst Vogel (ISIC, EPFL, Lausanne)
Investigating cellular signalling at a nonometer and attoliter scale.

Discussion Leader - Dominique Muller (CMU, University of Geneva)
16:00-16:45Sandor Kasas (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in Neurosciences.
17:00-17:45Jean-Yves Chatton (DBCM/CIF, University of Lausanne)
Intracellular ion imaging by fluorescence imaging.
20:00-22:00Student Poster Session: First 13 posters, from Achard to Lazic

Tuesday September 5th - Imaging Synapses

Discussion Leader - Egbert Welker (DBCM, University of Lausanne)
09:30-11:30Thomas Oertner (FMI, Basel, Switzerland)
Two-photon imaging of calcium signals in dendritic spines.
14:00-14:45Graham Knott (DBCM, University of Lausanne)
Dendritic spine dynamics and synapse formation in the adult neocortex.
15:00-15:45Dominique Muller (CMU, University of Lausanne)
Spine dynamics in hippocampal slice cultures

Discussion Leader - Andrea Volterra (DBCM, University of Lausanne)
16:30-17:15Paola Bezzi (DBCM, University of Lausanne)
Imaging exocytosis with TIRF microscopy.
17:30-18:15Henry Markram (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
The Blue Brain Project.
20:30-22:30Student Poster Session: Second 13 posters, from Levin to Waseem

Wednesday September 6th - Imaging Sensory and Cognitive Processing

Discussion Leader - Carl Petersen (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
09:30-11:30Amiram Grinvald (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
Real-time optical imaging of the brain in action.
14:00-14:45Alan Carleton (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
In vivo imaging of olfactory and gustatory representations in the rodent brain.
15:00-15:45Carl Petersen (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
Voltage-sensitive and calcium-sensitive dye imaging in the mouse somatosensory barrel cortex.

Discussion Leader - Giorgio Innocenti (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)
16:30-18:30Fernando Lopes da Silva (SILS, Amsterdam University, Nederlands)
Dynamics of brain rhythmic activities: electric/magnetic signals and fMRI correlates.
19:30-20:15Christoph Michel (CMU/HUG, Univesity of Geneva)
Functional Brain Imaging with High Resolution EEG.

Thursday September 7th - Imaging the Human Brain

Discussion Leader - Pierre Magistretti

Discussion Leaders - Pierre Magistretti and Egbert Welker (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
09:30-11:30Nikos Logothetis (MPI, Tübingen, Germany)
fMRI in the non-human primate.
14:00-15:00Rolf Gruetter (IPMC, EPFL, Lausanne)
New perspectives for functional and metabolic imaging of the brain.

Discussion Leader - Egbert Welker (DBCM, University of Lausanne)
16:00-17:00Pierre Magistretti (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
Neuron-glia metabolic coupling : a cellular determinant of the signals detected by functional brain imaging.
17:30-18:30Patrick Vuilleumier (CMU, Univesity of Geneva)
fMRI studies of human perception and emotion.

Friday September 8th - New Techniques

Discussion Leader - Carl Petersen (BMI, EPFL, Lausanne)
9:30-11:30Ehud Isacoff (UC Berkley, USA)
Molecularly focused detection and control of neural function.
14:00-15:00Rainer Leitgeb (LOB, EPFL, Lausanne)
Optical Coherence Tomography.

Discussion Leader - Giorgio Innocenti (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden)
16:00-17:00Dimitri van de Ville (BIG, EPFL, Lausanne)
Surfing the brain: multi-resolution analysis of coordinated stimulus responses.
17:30-18:30Christian Depeursinge (STI, EPFL, Lausanne)
Dynamics of living neurons by DHM: Digital Holographic microscopy.

Weeks 2 & 3

Students will perform two experimental projects, one each week, choosing from a total of 19 projects offered by the following laboratories:

Name Institution Research Project Techniques and Notes Related Articles
Paola Bezzi

Jean-Yves Chatton

Graham Knott
DBCM/CIF/CEM University of Lausanne Imaging synaptic vesicles: structural and functional analysis Electron microscopy (preparation and imaging), total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, confocal microscopy, photoconversion, styryl dyes (FM1-43 or 4-64), immunocytochemistry, image processing, three dimensional image reconstruction. Steyer & Almers 2001
Zenizek et al. 2000 Darcy et al. 2006
Olaf Blanke BMI, EPFL, Lausanne Studying functional and neural interactions between corporeal awareness and self processing using high density electrical neuroimaging. High-Density EEG. Blanke et al. 2005
Blanke & Mohr 2005
Arzy et al. 2006
Alan Carleton BMI, EPFL, Lausanne 1. Study of the spatiotemporal dynamics of odor-evoked activity in the mouse olfactory bulb.
2. Imaging of migration and differentiation of adult-born neurons.
1. In vivo intrinsic and/or voltage-sensitive dye imaging in anesthetised mice.
2. In vitro two-photon imaging in slices.
1. Abraham et al. 2004
2. Carleton et al. 2003
Christian Depeursinge STI, EPFL, Lausanne Multiple wavelength neuron tomography by Digital Holographic Microscopy. Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM).
Sandor Kasas BMI, EPFL, Lausanne Study of the mechanical properties of neurons by atomic force microscopy. Atomic force microscopy (AFM). Kis et al. 2002
Kasas et al. 2005
Laurent et al. 2005
Jozsef Kiss

Alexandre Dayer
CMU, Univesity of Geneva Cellular dynamic of neural progenitor cells: analysis of cell migration and neurite outgrowth. Time-lapse video analysis, imaging of transplanted cells in tissue, fluorescent and confocal optics, electron microscopy. Zhang et al. 2003
Zhang et al. 2003
Christian Lüscher CMU, Univesity of Geneva Characterization of the morphology of dopamine neurons in the VTA. 2Photon confocal line scanning microscope (Olympus Fluoview). Cruz & Lüscher 2005
Pierre Magistretti

Pierre Marquet
BMI, EPFL, Lausanne Study of the neuron-glial dynamics with digital holography microscopy. Digital holographic microscopy (DHM), video fluorescence microscopy and electrophysiology. Rappaz et al. 2005
Marquet et al. 2005
Christoph Michel CMU/HUG, Univesity of Geneva Mapping of brain electric activity by high density scalp and intracranial EEG in man and mice. High-Resolution (256-channel) scalp EEG and ERP in man, multichannel epicranial EEG and EP in mice, transcranial magnetic stimulation combined with EEG in man, intracranial mutlichannel EEG in epileptic patients. Michel et al. 2004
Michel et al. 2001
Michel Mühlethaler CMU, Univesity of Geneva Modulation of "sleep or wake promoting" neurons in vitro. In vitro electrophysiological recordings in rat brain slices; pharmacology.
Dominique Muller CMU, Univesity of Geneva Confocal imaging of synaptic plasticity and turn-over. Slice cultures preparation, biolistic transfection, extracellular recordings, single photon and two-photon imaging of spines, time-lapse imaging.
Micah Murray CHUV, University of Lausanne Multisensory Interactions and Parallel Pathways in Human Sensory-Cognitive Processing. 160 Channel EEG, electrical neuroimaging and psychophysics. De Santis et al. 2006
Murray et al. 2004
Ghazanfar & Schroeder 2006
Murray et al. 2006
Carl Petersen BMI, EPFL, Lausanne 1. Study of the spatiotemporal dynamics of spontaneous and whisker-evoked activity in the neocortex of mice.
2. Imaging of transgenic mice expressing GFP in a subset of neurons.
1. In vivo voltage-sensitive dye imaging in anesthetised mice.
2. In vivo two-photon imaging in anesthetised mice.
Petersen et al. 2003
Ferezou et al. 2006
Margrie et al. 2003
Tachtenberg et al. 2002
Sophie Schwartz CMU, Univesity of Geneva Neural plasticity and reactivation of memory traces during sleep as assessed by functional MRI and EEG in humans. Intracranial EEG recordings (in patients), long-term scalp EEG recordings (in normal controls) and fMRI. Stickgold 2005
Peigneux et al. 2004
Huber et al. 2004
Maquet et al. 2000
Dimitri van de Ville BIG, EPFL, Lausanne Fractal analysis of anatomical and functional MR brain data. MRI acquisition (anatomical and functional); Signal & image processing; Statistical analysis.
This project requires a solid background in signal processing and programming.
Iftekharuddin et al. 2003
Horst Vogel

Ruud Hovius
ISIC, EPFL, Lausanne Structure and dynamics of membrane proteins and biophysical chemistry on surfaces. Labelling of membrane proteins in life cells; Single molecule detection by fluorescence imaging; Single molecule detection by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS); Evaluation of single molecule data; Formation of (bio-)membranes on solid supports; Fluorescence imaging. Vukojevic et al. 2005
Kim et al. 2003
FSC Introduction
Jankevics et al. 2005
Pick et al. 2003
Wohland et al. 1999
Patrik Vuilleumier CMU, Univesity of Geneva Functional neuroimaging of cognitive and emotional processing. fMRI, EEG and behavioural tests. Vuilleumier et al. 2004
Vuilleumier et al. 2001
Peelen et al. 2006
Sander et al. 2006
Sander et al. 2006